Pine Mountain Club...Mountain Living

Pine Mountain Club...Clubhouse:
Numerous activities, classes, social events and more are offered at the PMC Clubhouse for all ages.

Pine Mountain Club...Hiking:

These forested mountains offer hundreds of miles of trails, often with breathtaking views. Our woods are full of wildlife including deer, black bear and over a hundred species of birds, from hummingbirds all the way up to the majestic California condor.

Pine Mountain Club...Cross-Country Skiing:
Recognized as the premiere cross country ski area in southern California, there are many miles of ski trails on the slopes of 8,831-foot Mt. Pinos for all skill levels from beginner to advanced.

Pine Mountain Club...Equestrian:
Pine Mountain Club maintains an equestrian center including boarding, grooming, hourly rentals, lessons, and hundreds of miles of riding trails through our beautiful woods.

Pine Mountain Club...Snowplay:
This area is a popular venue for winter sports and sledding, especially at the snowplay area at the top of Mt. Pinos and numerous other spots known by residents here.

Pine Mountain Club...Astronomy:
With no smog or light pollution, Pine Mountain Club is renowned as one of the best astronomical observation sites in southern California. On nights of the new moon (as well as other nights), the parking lot at the top of Mt. Pinos Road hosts amateur astronomers drawn here by our dark night skies. They are generally exceedingly friendly and would love to engage you in conversation regarding their hobby and share the view through their scope.